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I feel very bored when I work out at the gym. How can I make it fun:

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It is normal to have an off day. Or two.

But if your workouts are always making you feel bored then it could be a sign that you’ve been doing the same thing for too long and you need a new challenge.

Take this opportunity to re-evaluate your goals.

You need to ask your self What do I want next?

Are you going for strength?

Trying to lose weight?

Do you simply want to feel a burn after your workout?

Checking in with your goals will help you decide on the ideal way to challenge yourself.

Once you’re feeling more energized by your routine, you can start using other methods to vary your workout intensity, frequency, load to continue making progress.

i feel very bored when i workout at the gym how can i make it fun, Personal Trainer Birmingham

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