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Controlling weight loss:

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

You may think that calories are the most important thing to look at on the back of your food labels when it comes to losing weight but that's not the truth. 320 calories isn't just 320 calories if there was to be two servings in the pack, what you think is a low calories meal could turn out to of really been 640 calories or possibly 960 calories, if you are eating double or triple the serving size. Have a quick think and do the math, to ensure that 1 serving size is actually 1 and not 2 or 3 servings and, that the calories from how many servings you eat do fit into your total number of calories that you plan on eating per day. Maintaining a carbs and protein diet changes by individual but if your going for a super low carb and high protein diet then you need to ensure that your nutritional goodness reflects your low carb life. If you can't be bothered to track your carbs and protein or even give up the carbs, that's fine. Something else you can look at that is just as important is fiber, high fiber foods will keep you fuller for longer so you eat less in general. It helps to choose food that is high in fiber per serving to lengthen your appetite.

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