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How do you transition to healthy eating:

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When you want to lose weight you can sometime find that it becomes quite challenging.

What I have been telling my clients.

is not to try to lose all of their weight at one time.

What I mean by this is to take your weight loss strategies in moderation.

The first easy step I tell them is to start out by eating healthy foods.

I don’t mean go out and spend £400 on all new food.

You want to be taking this in strides.

For an example cut out the fast food for the first week and then replace it with a healthier food choice.

Your Food options can lower lots of health problems like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.

Don't be making a complete change all at one time you need to be making simple improvements.

start out slow while you switch to eating healthier foods.

Convert them over time not all at once.

This is common mistake and it is why a lot of people fail when they decide to make a diet change.

It doesn't help the fact that The portion sizes have increased a lot over the years from how they use to be.

Everybody wants to get a good amount for their money so portion sizes have increased in a lot of restaurants to gain the value people have been hoping for And it can easily turn bad for the people trying to eat healthy foods.

I'm not saying don't eat out.

You can still go to a restaurant but make sure you limit your portions and look for healthier choices on the menu that they have wherever you go.

For an example you could go for the grilled chicken salad instead of a huge breaded chicken sandwich.

When your brain is aware you can’t have something it can be natural to want more of the ruled out food.

It is the same concept of telling yourself to not trip when you’re on a stage but still trip over your own feet.

You think so hard about not failing that you accidently convince yourself to not succeed.

You might only eat healthy foods but if you choose to eat a load of food all at one time it ain't gonna do you no good.

There's a lot more to a healthy eating diet than just the food on your plate.

How you think about food can be another way to succeed Rather than rushing eating it between meetings or when you are picking up your kids from school.

Slow down and think about your food as something that you need for nourishment and Always listen to your body!

I wish you all the luck and remember it doesn’t happen overnight but in time you will start to notice massive changes in your health.

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