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Best exercise to lose weight at home:

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

You need to start by getting your self into the habit of doing it first

we all know we have to work out to lose weight.

But sometimes it can be intimating to some people.

You can get caught up in so many questions, like what kind of exercise to do, and how long you should do it for, and how many calories you should burn And sometimes all those questions might even stop you from doing it.

But the main thing is, that you do it!

Here are a few tips for you on how to workout to lose weight.

you need to decide on how much weight that you want to lose.

Set a weight loss goal for yourself and figure out how many calories you want burn off every week to lose weight.

You will also need to think about how much time you are willing to spend.

Take an honest look at yourself, at your life, and at your motivation.

set goals that are realistic and try to push yourself a bit beyond your comfort zone.

Remember that to lose one pound, you must burn off 3500 calories than you take in.

You can do this by eating less, moving more, or a mixture of both.

The healthiest way is to do a mixture of both.

If you decide that you want to burn off half a pound a week through exercise, you will have to burn off a total of 1750 calories, per week.

So Let's say that you plan to exercise five times a week.

That means that you will need to choose to burn off 350 calories per session.

This is definitely do-able! Remember, these numbers are just an example that I am giving you.

you may wish to do a lot more every week.

The point is, set your goal and try to stick to it.

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