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How intense should a workout be:

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

When was the last time you did an intense, explosive workout, challenging your body to move as quickly as possible using your full attention and focus:

If it was recently you will probably remember that it was hard.

A lot harder than usual.

Most people train within a comfort zone which is being massively set by what the nervous system is used to doing.

Anything that begins to push past that familiar boundary gets refused.

And that’s because you’re asking your nervous system to fire more repeatedly and react faster than normal making you feel unfamiliar discomfort for both your mind and body.

But if you want better results and better performance, you do need to switch up your routine and step out of your comfort zone.

add some focus to your workouts.

The truth is, your nervous system runs things And if you’ve overlooked the nervous system as one of the main strengths to training well there’s a lot of potential for reaching new levels of performance no matter how addicted to fitness you are.

You could be a competing athlete that doesn't really matter.

how intense should a workout be, Personal Trainer Birmingham

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